<3 on <a href=””>We Heart It.


<3 on <a href=””>We Heart It.

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Dog Lover Shirts:


Dog Lover Shirts:

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"I see you really like the scarf I sent you."


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scott/jackson + eye contact

#half their interactions come off like they’re in a secret relationship and fight a lot to hide it #scott isn’t a fan of hiding it so they fight about that too #and sass each other because they’re both that kind of people and it helps their cover #but they still can’t stop themselves from looking


#But seriously #I bet Jackson hides it cause he’s really ashamed of Scott and his feelings for him #he doesn’t want anyone to know about it because Scott is still at the bottom of the social ladder and he’s not about to get dragged down too #not when he’s finally gotten together with Lydia and is on the fast track towards becoming high school royalty getting an amazing sports scholarship

#he still cares about Scott #just not in anyway that’s healthy or advisable but he can’t stay away #when he has Scott alone #In his bed or against a tree in the woods #it feels like the happiest he’s ever been #watching him sleep after they’ve had sex (he can’t call it making love #he’ll get too attached) he watches the sleepy smile that spreads across his face when he sleeps

#sometimes he’ll pull him close and just watch him #wishing that he was brave enough to be as open and honest and kind as scott always is #but he isn’t and he can’t change #not when he’s come to close to achieving perfection

#so he hides it #and he makes Scott hide it too #and god how they fight over it #loud shouting matches in the Porsche that leave Scott so angry and hurt that he runs out of the car into the dark cause he can’t even stand to look a Jackson anymore

#He’ll run even when he feels the edges of an oncoming asthma attack cause he’d rather die on the side of the road than have Jackson tell him how he doesn’t fit into his master plan #There’s enough shit wrong with him he doesn’t need Jackson’s inferiority complex bearing down on him too #even when Jackson comes after him and leads him back to the car (gentle and careful as though he actually matters to him)

#And as dumb as it makes him feel he keeps on forgiving him #keeps on coming back and fighting and being hurt #until one day he just can’t anymore

#he just fucking can’t because he’s tired of being someone’s secret shame and Lydia can have him if she wants him cause he sure doesn’t anymore and oh crap he’s crying and Jackson don’t touch me

#don’t fucking touch me just let me out of the car

#open the door open the door open the door OPEN THE GODDAMN DOOR JACKSON (via abbiemillskicksass)

Oh shit it cut off the rest of my tags:

#and oh god I’m shaking now oh god I can’t breathe, #I can’t breathe, #i can’t breathe i can’t-, #no please don’t touch me i can’t do this anymore

#and he jackson just holds his inhaler up to his mouth, #Scott takes a few shaky breathes before he can even speak,

#and he whispers ‘i hate you Jackson, #I hate you so much’,

#and Jackson just holds him and tells him it’s okay, #‘I deserve it’

snugglyskittles look bb uwu

so would now or would now not be an appropriate moment to chime in about how no really scott has enough going on in his life without putting up with being your dirty little secret jackson. maybe you’d know if you ever listened but there’s never enough time (never enough) but you don’t (at least not that scott can tell anyway)

(of course why would there be enough time for scott; he knows better than to expect you to have enough time to get to everything about him that’s some kind of mess; you barely have enough time for a fever rush hook up after practice some days. why should scott ever expect to rank anywhere on your list of priorities? he isn’t your boyfriend. he isn’t even your whore. scott can’t be your whore because whores get paid.

scott’s your slut for all you won’t say it. no, shut up, don’t even try to deny it jackson. for fuck’s sakes, you already get to have scott’s secrecy & his loyalty he lies to his best friend for you jackson so at least do scott the kindness of respecting his intelligence enough to admit that he’s your slut & nothing more. he knows it. you know it. whatever, it’s fine. it’s just whatever.)

and well not that jackson *cares* but

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Awesome Fact of the Day: Two out of three ferrets possess telekinetic abilities. 


Awesome Fact of the Day: Two out of three ferrets possess telekinetic abilities. 

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"I don’t need anyone to save me. But when the time comes, I know you’re going to be there — you always have been."

Gang AU: Newt fights as a job to get enough money to keep himself alive. Thomas doesn’t like what Newt does and can’t bare to watch him hurt himself. So, Thomas interrupts one of Newt’s fights and gets hurt.

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not all monsters do monstrous things

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#lydia martin


  "Athjahakar" - Pride, prowess.

It’s a blessing from the great stallion.

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